Breeze and Peace  

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Like an empty AA battery, I'm useless. Like an ink-empty pen, I'm useless. Like an unloaded gun, I'm useless. Like a non-sticky masking tape, well, you get the idea. (What's even more useless is that metaphor, and I'm glad something is more useless than I am.)

It is not easy to just sit there all day at the terrace. While I am enjoying the breeze and peace, I am also wasting seconds, minutes and hours of my summer.

It's refreshing, the breeze and peace at the terrace. I can at least feel the summer heat. The feeling of just watching the sun come back to the horizon as the night nears is something I can never explain. It is the same sun that see everyday but that time, the feeling is not the same. However, it is not the kind of breeze that I want and certainly not the kind of peace that I was hoping for before the the school year was over. What I want is the breeze coming at me from the window of a bus or from at the deck of a ship. And peace, I don't know just what, yet. But I'm not sure it's not that peace, let me just repeat that.

That's why I  thought I needed to come up with a list of hdow I'd like to spend my summer, no matter how crazy it seems.

Apart from my plan to join the College Editors Guild of the Philippines' 71st National Student Press Convention, there are plans I would like to do before the event on May 11-15. While on a bus ride yesterday, I thought about making a series of blog posts about old establishments and buildings.

First on the list: that church that has shown majesty, great dignity, and has been worthily given attention, the Saint John the Baptist Church of Tabaco City.

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