Rayterista 3 (Updated 1)  

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I wasn't really wishing I was in the first and second Rayterista (portmanteau of writer and artist) because I was sure the third would be better compared to both of them combined. I mean, Puerto Vista in Sto. Domingo, Albay is just awesome! The resort's a perfect place for outing or family events. I was with my Budyong (the official student publication of the College of Arts and Letters) buddies. Here're my journal entries during the three-day regional press convention.

01:58 p.m. The participants should have left 58 minutes ago, but we're all still here at Bicol University. The bus' engine just started. We're about to leave.

12:32 a.m. The first day of Rayterista 3 just ended. I'm assigned at room 204, the Education Deprived Beings Room. Names are named according to topics you may come across when you hear about the 8 Millennium Development Goals or the MDG. Kuya Franco's in Multiple Partners Room, Kuya Andrew in the Malnourished Room, Ira in the Purple Room, Edda in the Nursery Room, Kuya Eric in the Maternal Room and Ate Caryl and Ate Henor in the HIV-positive Room. For the groupings, I'm with Kuya Eric and five others from different colleges in the MDG #1 which is Eradicate Extreme Poverty. Tomorrow will be cultural night so we'll present something about MDG #1.

03:06 a.m. Sleeping time. Budyong buddies jamming outside the rooms. I had a lot of photos I'd be waiting others to upload next week. I'm sleepy. My roommates are all asleep.

06:05 a.m. All the others may still be asleep. The knocking on the door was our alarm. Though it should have happened 50 minutes ago according to the schedule of programs, the organizers are doing a good job. The view of the beach outside is just superb. The sun made me jump for joy, really. I'm telling this no matter how corny it is because it's true. Breakfast isn't served yet though. It seems it's me and Kuya Andrew who're up already.

08:38 a.m. I hope my roommate would be so kind and NOT step on my bed.

02:15 p.m. The morning talks were okay. My former professor, Sir Ephraim Aguilar talked about Feature Writing, Prof. Cet Dematera talked about News Writing, Prof. Raffi Banzuela talked about Column Writing. But this afternoon's talk is boring that I'd rather write here on my journal that listen to the speaker. Topic: Shaping Public Opinion Through Media Literacy. This must be the most boring talk in this 3-day convention. If something surpasses this, expect that I would commit harakiri from boredom.

04:05 p.m. I left the session hall. I'm sleepy. But the rooms are locked. So I'll just go back. Shit happens, that's what they say.

10:29 p.m. We just finished presenting for the MDG Night. We were group one so we had to present first. I had to pay a journalist who writes to let people know what the powerful do to the weak and the poor. I had to be the musical technician, too/ We had to act while Por Una Cabeza was playing. No scripts, just little narrations before and in the middle.

10:30 p.m. I know I will not have a good relationship with my future Media Ethics professor when I'm in my third year. I know I will have to rebut with him everyday.

11:17 a.m. There's a film-showing at the hall downstairs. I'm not in the mood for a movie with bad acting. Who taught bad acting to those guys? Whoever did, he did a good job. Publication Awards later. I'm crossing my fingers for Budyong and the whole staff.

10:13 a.m After the awarding ceremonies yesterday, I was just too tired to write something in here. We were nominated in eight out of twelve categories. And it was a happy ending. We won: Best Feature Story (BaranGAY BUPC: Out and Proud by Andrew Gahol and Carlo Jay Copada), Best Editorial (Myopia), Best Editorial Cartoon (by Franco Lasay), and of course, Best Campus Paper. I hope the admin was there to see us win and so that we can slap the certificates to their onion-skinned faces. They hated the editorial. The opinion of the judges (those whose opinions really matter) says it all. The judges are from all over the Philippines. There's nothing wrong with our paper after all.

The Budyong staff right after the arrival at the Puerto Vista Resort. There's me with the eyeglasses.

Edda and me at the second floor. The rooms behind us were the rooms where we slept.

From left to right: Franco Lasay, Caryl Gamis, Henor Gotis, Edda Mae Morata, Andrew Gahol, me, Ira Jacob, Jonalyn Fortuno, Sarah Moran, Raul (i forgot the surname), Pauline Dycoco, Earl Recamunda.
Budyong won Best Editorial. The presentors and I.
They said the three of us look like we're siblings. Deprived of food daw sabi ni ate Jev.

My roommates.
The rooms.
Photos from Earl Lim Recamunda and Renz Alvin Gabay.
-to be continued-

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Nice blog, totoy :D By the way, hanapin mo yung mali mo sa caption sa picture #3 and sa #6. by the way, su pic #6 makaulok. deprived of food. haha

January 24, 2011 at 6:36 AM

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