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Losing friends because I had to run my mouth and express my opinions about someone is not new to me. It's one of those days that I want to say, "I don't care. I have more friends to gain than those I already lost."

Start The Machine by Angels And Airwaves  

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A Valentine Tale 6 [Final]  

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A Valentine Tale part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, Part 5

A Valentine Tale is my first story that doesn't have a tragic ending. I don't know, but maybe this would be the last happy story I'd write.

A Valentine Tale 6 final

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Calling All Applicants  

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This is an article I submitted in our Feature Writing subject about the hiring of police officers here in the Philippines.

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Re-Starting Business  

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If you're going to label a season with 'best season ever', it's going to be this season.

That's what I told my self when I learned about a second all-star season for The Amazing Race. The seventeenth season was predictable from the fourth leg onwards. But this season is sure to be the world-race business of all world-race businesses.

The Amazing Race Season 18, dubbed as Unfinished Business, will start airing on Monday. It is the first television series in the United States to use High-Definition (HD). And if you think you're not going to remember their names and faces, think again. They are all too familiar since they were all from recent seasons, the oldest being the 12th season.

Which teams will be back?

Ronald and Christina, the father-daughter team of the twelfth season. They are going to have another chance to get the win. They arrived second only in their season. They were three time leg winners.

The dating goths from the same season, Vyxsin and her boyfriend Kent (back then he was known as Kynt), are also back. They were the seventh team to be eliminated after arriving in last for two consecutive legs (seventh and eighth leg).

Margie and Luke, the mother and son team from the fourteenth season. They finished third in their race and have won one leg (seventh leg) where they won the fast forward after having the letters FF tattooed on them.

Amanda and Kris, dating from the fourteenth season, now engaged. They came in second in the third leg, then lost the whole race in the fourth.

Jaime and Cara are also back. The Former NFL Cheerleaders from the fourteenth season. They came in first in the first half of the double-lenght tenth leg. They were in the final leg and came in second.

LaKisha (then known as Kisha) and Jennifer, the sisters from the same season are hoping they won't get another U-Turn in the eighteenth season. They were the fourth team in their season and were one time leg champions.

Mel and Mike, the father and son team from the fourteenth season, are hoping there won't be any destination with elephants shows. They were one time leg winners.

Zev and Justin, the best friends from the fifteenth season, are the lowest place earners in this season. They were ninth placers in their season and has won no legs before they were eliminated. In their final leg, they arrived first. But after discovering that Zev's passport was missing, they had to leave the mat and look for the necessary document. They were unlucky in their search, and therefore was eliminated.

The Harlem Globetrotters, Herb and Nate are back (now they are known by their names, not by their Globetrotters nicknames, Flight Time and Big Easy) in business after losing the eleventh leg to the top three teams. They were two time leg winners in the season.

Jet and Cord, the cowboy brothers, is one of the three second placers in this season, but are the most promising among the three teams, having won four legs in their season. In their seventh leg, they came in last. They therefore had to perform a Speedbump in the next leg.

Gary and Mallory, the father and daughter team from the seventeenth season are also back. After being eliminated in Oman in the previous season, they are taking no rest and are game for the all-star season already. They didn't win any leg in their season but they were second placers for three consecutive times.

The seventeenth season ended filming on the fifteenth of June, 2010. The eighteenth started filming on the twentieth of November, 2010. (According to

Wikipedia also said that the first destination for the first task is Sydney, Australia. Japan is also reportedly one of the destinations for the season.

The previous seasons were learning and practice races for this season's teams, and it's sure to be a butt-kick to all the past seasons.

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FlashFiction #2  

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He was walking home-bound. The cold February air made him shiver. He looked at his wrist watch. 12:56a.m. That explained why the street was so empty. It was dark but he knew the place so well he didn't need to get his cellphone and light the way. He had walked on that street since the start of his memory.

Then he heard footsteps. Heavy footsteps. He slowed down. He didn't wanna turn his head to see who it was. But the footsteps seemed to be walking at the same pace as him.

When he finally decided to turn his head, he discovered it was an old man. He didn't see the old man's face. It was faced down. The old man was wearing a red bonnet with holes on it. He didn't know who it was. He turned to face forward again.

After a few steps, the ones behind him became faster. He started to panic. But he calmed himself. He knew there was nothing to be afraid of. If one thing's scary in that street, that would be him and his gang when they need money.

When he turned to see the old man behind, all he could see was a blank street. The old man was gone. For unknown reasons, that gave him goosebumps.

He stopped for a while. There were no houses around so he wondered where the old man went.

Then he turned to face his destination again. But what he saw made him stop, and made his heart beat start racing. It was the old man's back as he walked with his face still down. He found himself looking at the old man's back while he was standing, eyes wide open and stupified. He didn't move.

Then someone emerged from the darkness in front of the old man. The old man stopped and raised his head and moved as if he was being held-up. The old man raised his hand.

The man that emerged from that darkness was about the same age as him. And the tshirt that the man was wearing was familiar to him.

From where he was standing, he could hear what the man was saying. The man was asking for money. "Any amount or you die," he said.

But the old man couldn't present him any money.

The man stabbed the old man. One. Two. Three. The forth stab may have killed the old man instantly

He then realized what he was seeing. It was his past. He was the man that emerged from the darkness. The vision of the old man dying and him running away was gone. He walked briskly.

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A Valentine Tale [part 5]  

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Read these first:
A Valentine Tale part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

A Valentine Tale 5 final

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FlashFiction #1  

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He called. He said he's waiting for her outside her house.

After hanging up, she rushed downstairs and swung open the gates. There was no one there.

When she was about to reply to his text message, someone called her. It was one of their friends.

"You need to go to the hospital. He needs you," the friend said.

"Wh- He- He just called me. He said he was waiting for me outside."

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor told them that her boyfriend didn't make it. He was dead on arrival.

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A Valentine Tale [part 4]  

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A Valentine Tale 4 final

A Valentine Tale [part 3]  

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this is the crappiest part of A Valentine Tale. pardon the awkward scenes   A Valentine Tale 3 final

A Valentine Tale [part 2]  

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A Valentine Tale 2 Final

A Valentine Tale [part 1]  

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A Valentine Tale 1 Final