My Life in ABCs  


THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS  is my all time favorite band. With its alternative rock, power pop, pop punk and emo pop music, AAR promises good times while sitting in your room, by the pool, in a bus ride or at your roof top. No wonder it's always nominated in the Teen Choice Awards. The band won Rising Star award in the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 2008, Best Pop Video for Move Along in 2006 at the Music Video Production Association Awards, Best Group Video for the same single in MTV Video Music Awards in the same year and ASCAP Vanguard Award in 2007 at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards.

THE AMAZING RACE is one of my favorite reality shows. Travel is one of my favorite ideas and TAR surely knows how to offer travel while you're at your couch's most cozy spot.

ANGELA AKI You will never get tired listening to her as she plays the piano. Her voice's sugoi, too.

ANIME I guess I will live and die by anime. Since I was exposed to the action and comedy that all those animes aired on GMA, I have loved watching the Japanese animations.

BATTLE ROYALE is a novel I wouldn't get tired of reading over and over again. Koushun Takami is a master of weaving action, romance and thriller together. The Japanese novel is a must-read. Read or die without having experienced real good thrill.

BIG BROTHER is one of my favorite reality shows. The most famous house in the nation surely knows how to promote values through his house guests while helping other organizations and communities outside.

BOOKS I am not much into books nowadays but before I decided to quit buying books and reading them on my free time, during class discussions, and before I go to sleep, I was a book-worm, book maniac to be exact. Sometimes I labeled my self to be just a book collector. I didn't read all the books I bought. They were just there in my shelf, waiting to be opened and collecting all the dust they can.

BUDYONG Is my second family. Since first year college, I have learned many things in Budyong. Budyong is the official student publication of the College of Arts and Letters. I never wished to be in the mother of all publications in Bicol University, i.e., The Bicol Universitarian. I'm more than fine with my Budyong buddies, so I'm putting my ambitions to be a TBU editor in the bin.

BRING ME THE HORIZON Getting its name from one of my favorite movies, the band has caught my attention. And it didn't fail me. It wouldn't fail you either. The deathcore turned metalcore band from Sheffield, England tells us that we should count our blessings 'cause they're counting every lie.


CARBONARA is the best invention of the human mind (after **x). The white sauced-spaghetti (Oh God, I'm losing all my saliva just by talking about carbonara right now *tummy*) is a fine, fine, fine must-have-for-yor-protesting-tummy. I have been bringing carbonara to school parties ever since I was in elementary. I cook carbonara with my mom. (I just wanna stay beside her when she cooks to make sure I get the first taste of the finished product).

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA is a series I haven't finished just yet. But it's a fun read, I tell you. With the creatures of Narnia all dwelling in pages that you just wanna turn, you're gonna wish you were in the same place as them. Clive Staples Lewis will never disappoint a reader. He's funny and clever writing deserves a clap for each page.

CHUCK PALAHNIUK Maybe he can inspire you, too.


EMO I like emo music but not the emo lifestyle. I remember the times when my clsasmates (that was when we were in second year high) used to tease me about listening to emo music. It was cool when they decided to leave the hiphop scene and switch to emo and rock music when we stepped in third year. Until now, I just can't stop listening to emo music. It's therapeutic I guess.

FACEBOOK, just like how it would affect everybody else, would also affect my whole day. Whenever I try to do my assignments and projects - doing researches on the internet - there's this invisible power telling me that Facebook is waiting for me, notifications are waiting to be clicked, friend requests are waiting to be confirmed and my pages waiting to be updated. Add me on Facebook. 

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER is a movie I never get tired of watching everytime I get the chance. Especially now that I finally got a copy of the movie.

FORMSPRING is a site fit for me. I wanna be interviewed, I wanna ask questions, I wanna add friends, so I really think is the best site to do those three.Ask me anything on Formspring.

GREEN DAY was introduced to me by my brother when I was in elementary. The alternative rock, pop rock and punk rock music of the band has won them a total of 72 awards in 31 awards events and 162 nominations.

GUINOBATAN I was born at Guinobatan, Albay, Philippines on October 13, 1992, studied there from kindergarten to forth grade.


HARRY POTTER SERIES is so mainstream but, who cares? I hate mainstream, but this book doesn't deserve all my hate in anything that's famous. Rowling is a master, she is, I think, a queen of all witches and wizards writers. And I wish I had her brain before she had the idea of writing about the magic in Hogwarts and its proffesors. 


INTERNET is a thing that's next to whatever you consider life (at least for me). That's mainly because you get to add friends on social networking sites, send and recieve emails, watch the episodes of your favorite shows that you missed (I wanna thank the uploaders. Please let me call you my saviors), watch porn (bless you and may you have a nice spot in heaven when you get there), download music and videos (piracy, my friend, is what it is), browse your stalkee's pictures (after crossing your fingers that you won't be stumbling upon her and his ugly and brain-less boyfriend's pictures), upload just about everything, tweet nonsense, and ask your foreign friends for stuff you don't find in any of your locality's store. Did I miss something? Of course I did. If I mention everything you can do on the internet, I would need another blog for that.

JAPANESE AND JAPANESE STUFF are things that just make me go crazy. From watching too mch anime and NHK shows, I have come to realize that Japanese stuff and the country itself are a must have and a must visit for me. Japan, just you wait. When I graduate, you are so gonna welcome me.

JOHNNY DEPP is my favorite actor. Playing different roles each time he shows up in your cinema, JD is a fun actor to watch. Whether he's playing a crazy pirate, a mad-hatter, the chocolate factory owner, a book detective or a mad author killing people, he would never disappoint you and your date.

KESHA ROSE SEBERT is also known as Ke$ha. The orgasmic autotune wouldn't fail you once you put your earphones on your never-have-known-real-music ears. Her music would make you want to click on Repeat One and play the song all night. But that, you can't do anything about. That's because you need to listen to all of her songs. They are all awesome.

KOIZORA Is a movie you'll never get tired re-watching over and over.

KID NATION is one of my favorite reality shows. Too bad the show was cancelled after getting low television ratings. Yes, the show was all about kids living in a small village, fighting over religion, territory and everything under the oh-so-gay sun, but they learned lessons in every episode.


LAST COMIC STANDING was my inspiration. The reality shows made me wanna perform in front of an audience and get laughs from them. Too bad, I'm the corniest guy that my friends know. See STAND-UP COMEDIAN

MANGA Just like animes, mangas have captured my heart with all the action, comedy, suspense and thriller offered in every page.

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE is, for me, the best Japanese metal group. Daisuke-ha's talent with his screams and fun moves in concerts will entertain you, making your head bang like you've never head-bang-ed before.

METAL music is the best, at least for me. Its effects are far greater than porn and the entertainment that you get from your favorite television series. Whether you're walking around the campus, jamming with your friends in parties or other gatherings, going solo in your room or just sitting around the corner feeling emo all day, be sure to have good sounds with you. And metal is good sounds.

THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL I have been dreaming of working for the NGC since my elementary years. Specifically, I would like to work for NatGeo Adventure. No, I don't plan to be a host of any docu-program. I'm okay with being a writer or a researcher as long as I'm working with my childhood idols.

OCTOBER is my favorite month since I was born in this month.

PANIC AT THE DISCO With emo, pop punk, baroque pop and alternative rock all in one in a single cd, the band is an ear-magnet. Its name was changed from having '!'. Brendon Urie sounds like that Fall Out Boy front man, doesn't he?

PAYPAL is gooooood. If you wanna send me PayPal money, no one's stopping you from doing so. Please. Here's my paypal email: :)

PIRATE MASTER is one of my favorite reality shows. With the black crew and red crew fighting each other's ass off every week, the show is definitely a fun watch.

PUNK ROCK will make you lose control once you start getting addicted to it. And the fun you get is far from the fun you get from listening to Justin Bieber. Bless you.



SAMURAIS are people that I wish still exists today. And boy was it unfair that they were just in Japan. I am facinated by the fact that they were great followers of the code of the samurais. That's why I always pick the Dragon Clan in Battle Realms.

SOCCER was introduced to me by an anime. Before Captain Tsubasa, I had no interest in ball-kicking and laughing at players who gets red and yellow cars. After Captain Tsubasa, I laugh my heart out as a player covers his face after shouting at the ref who just ain't happy about that he saw (and what he heard). World Cup 2010 ended with a poor octopus getting death threats, but that is not important. Goals and a lot of red-cards-and-I-laugh-at-ya are more important. The fact that Philippines wasn't able to enter in the cup was a wreck. Anyway, the vuvzelas were annoying. But boy do I miss them.

SPICY TUNA PASTA is an ambrosia. Second only to the good-taste of carbonara, SPT makes me lose all my saliva just the same.

STAND-UP COMEDIAN (Being a stand-up) is a dream that I guess I wouldn't be able to reach. The obvious and painful reason: I get a lot of "You're corny" remarks from my frank friends. But I love the idea of trying to be one. I think I'll try to be a stand-up in my brother's wedding and see if I may continue my dream. His wedding should be the safest way to try it first. Keep on guessing why.

TABACO CITY is close to my heart. I studied there from fifth grade to the last days of my high school life. There I learned half of the things I know right now.

TENNIS is a sports I never get tired watching. Watching perfect aces (that sounds a bit redundant in a sense) and smashes that you wish you played are things you wouldn't wanna miss while watching a game. Clay or grass, it doesn't matter.

TEXT MESSAGING Who can live without his cellphone? Even I wanna commit suicide whenever I lose my phone's saved files and text messages. I sell smartload, text me if you need load.

THOMAS HARRIS is one of my favorite book authors. With the thrill that his Hannibal, Red Dragon and other Hannibal lecter novels give, I just can't help but shed tears whenever lay down the book ater reading it. The tears meant I envy his talent in making his readers wanting action more. No wonder the Hannibal Lecter novels were adapted into films. I can't wait for the next novel.

TWITTER or the tweet everything-for-no-one site. Following my favorite people, tweeting everything I wanna tweet, retweeting cool tweets and participate tweeting about the trending topics, that's how you waste your time while you enjoy your time. Follow me on twitter.

THE USED is emo and post-hardcore, making you feel like you are in serious trouble of losing your heart out once you start listening to their music.