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There's something terribly wrong about you. You shouldn't be reading this post because, like that other post, this wouldn't be an interesting read. This all about me. You may think this is a vanity post; I call it "my blog post." In here, I choose what I wanna post, so click on X.

A Facebook note was tagged to me with this rule: Since you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. I didn't write this because the rule says so. I wrote this because I love this gimmick.

1. If you start liking what I like listening to, i'm done liking it. But you can't make me stop liking The All-American Rejects.

2. I wanna be a Palanca Awardee, a Pulitzer Awardee (but that's impossible because i'm not American), and an Oscar Awardee (I wanna make/create/be a part of a good documentary).

3. Touch the straw, i'm not sipping from that straw again. Drink from my glass, forget about giving it back.

4. I can make twos into one.

5. I have blogs you can't count on your fingers. And I don't if I should really use 'on' because I suck at prepositions (there you go, two facts in one number; manifestation of fact #4).

6. I don't drink coffee. I am insomniac, thus the seemingly malnourished body.

7. I love reading Thomas Harris, Jessica Zafra, Anne Rice, Sydney Sheldon, Clive Staples Lewis, Chuck Palahniuk and Joanne Kathleen Rowling. That makes you un-ignorant about what to give me on my brithday. Here's the two in one: I am a self-proclaimed polymath.

8. My writer's cradle was Robert Lawrence Stine's Goosebumps, so I guess you can say that I was made to be a creative write, not a journalist...

9. But, hell, I love journalism!

10. I was born on the 13th of October and I'm telling this in response to any question that arose and because I wanna increase the mails I'd be receiving on that day.

11. Before this week, I thought the nouns after 'zero' don't go with 's'. Yes, not knowing they should be in s-form is stupid, but it's not that late to know that, right?

12. I'm keeping a journal. I burnt my 2009-2010 journal.

13. While writing number 12, I couldn't decide whether to use burned or burnt. Damn English can't make up their minds. Dreamt or dreamed?

14. My classmates almost killed me during my second year in high school for liking emo music. Now they're the ones going crazy over the genre.

15. I like to pretend i'm not there when they're saying good things about me. But that rarely happens.

16. I planned on writing nothing on number sixteen. The plan didn't materialize. See?

17. I'm not close with my classmates in college. I choose not to be inside the classroom for most of my time in college. It's fun to get lost in college.

18. I usually 'try', as much as possible, not to pass my projects. Mainly because I think it's not academic - those note writing and designing stuffs and buying things not needed inside the classroom. I used 'try' because I'm doomed to passing them if it's a group project.

19. So, I really hate group works.

20. I have written many fake books with fake ISBN numbers since elementary. They're on notebooks of different sizes and colors and brands. That's how I love writing.

21. I love writing because I have no talents.

22. You can't catch me playing guitar, or playing dota, or reading twilight saga, or buying condoms.

23. I've been an anime addict since the day I learned they're cooler than watching drama, which are, by the way, too predictable for me. I hate spoiling my self.

24. I wanna build a library, a school for creative writers, a school for journalism, and a glass lake house for my family. But it's too early to be thinking of that so i'd just enjoy getting lost before the right time. I was actually writing my resume the other night. I bet you found no connection in that. (two in one again)

25. I love THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY and i'm very vocal about wanting (since my elementary years) to work for them, if not for the magazine, for their news site.

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Philosophy of Man  

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Man has always wanted to be perfect, but it seems man has been straying away from what he really wanted.

After thousands of years of walking on Earth, choking each other, poisoning other mammals, spearing other creatures, inventing our own demise and downfall through technology and polluting everything, we have emptied the perfection meter.

True hopefuls would hire necromancers to bring back the philosophers back from the grave to teach us once again the lessons we never learned from the beginning, that is, if that’s even possible.

But it’s NOT possible.

So it all comes down to this: Rizal was not lying, we are the hope of the fatherland.

Man would always pass the burden to the new generation and pray to God that they raised us well.

So while they are here, and while we are not so left out in the world that they have created, we might as well learn as much as we could from their faults and the victories, because that’s all that matters, learning and expanding our knowledge.

We still have time to refill the already emptied meter and make up for the times we have lost true knowledge and for the times we have strayed away from the things that will bring us near what we ever wanted.

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The Freedom Writers mise-en-scene 2

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Get Spammed  

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You can't go online and not meet spam links on social networking sites, mails, and advertisements. If you haven't, believe me, you will be coming across one or two anytime soon.

Wikipedia defines spams as 'the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.'

Just now, three friends sent me private messages on Facebook bearing the same spam message: LOL, check this out http://on.fb.m*/gDIhS*. It annoyed me. Three people fell for the obvious spam. Who knows how many all in all were they in the whole Facebook universe tonight and the nights before this?

I didn't wanna click the link. It was the worst spam to ever hit private messaging. I can say that because I have met more hundreds of spam messages and I know how they work. They make you think you wanna click their links, and they use shortened URLs. This one is old fashioned. No internet-smart person will ever fall for that. Clap you hands if you raised an eyebrow upon receiving the same message.

I asked one of my friends who sent me one spam message about it, and he said that the link sent him to a Facebook fanpage where, when you click Like, the spam who sent the message to all of your online friends. So if ever you come across with a page with "Photographer Committed Suicide 3 Days After Taking This Photo" on it, you know where to not point your mouse pointer, unless you wanna get spammed.

And, right now, my Yahoo!Mail account has a staggering number of spams. You don't wanna know how many. You're gonna bleed your nose until you drain out of that red liquid. Luckily, Gmail receives only few spam mails so I don't have to worry myself about receiving unneeded mails and deleting them every time I open my email.

Spams like that also exist in the microblogging site twitter. Last year, users reported a link that extracts their passwords, thus, hacking their accounts. Goodbye tweets. Goodbye mentiones. Goodbye everything. Enter mourning. Enter swearing. Enter risks.
What risks am I talking about here? One, it lets the spammers invade your account and trick your followers. And two, the 'tricking' is not just simple tricking, it involves money. You get the picture I guess. You're so gonna hate spammers after that.

The shortened Uniform Resource Locators are the main problems. Everyone's using it on Twitter because of the limited text space. Microblogging site have limited characters for each post. One of the only few ways of adding more characters than allowed is by using Twitlonger.

Guess what, there are ways to avoid getting spammed. And they are basics.

1. Change passwords regularly. If you don't have the memorizing abilities, ask your friends what are notes for. There are many ways of being reminded.

2. Familiarize the SNS and the sites you're entering. This enables you to judge the links cautiously. Just like in the real world, the wisest will always have an edge over the unwitting.

3. Always doubt shortened URLs. The most used may be the, now, please, ask guidance from above before click. And, please, don't take what I said literally. I mean double check first.

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