Philosophy of Man  

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Man has always wanted to be perfect, but it seems man has been straying away from what he really wanted.

After thousands of years of walking on Earth, choking each other, poisoning other mammals, spearing other creatures, inventing our own demise and downfall through technology and polluting everything, we have emptied the perfection meter.

True hopefuls would hire necromancers to bring back the philosophers back from the grave to teach us once again the lessons we never learned from the beginning, that is, if that’s even possible.

But it’s NOT possible.

So it all comes down to this: Rizal was not lying, we are the hope of the fatherland.

Man would always pass the burden to the new generation and pray to God that they raised us well.

So while they are here, and while we are not so left out in the world that they have created, we might as well learn as much as we could from their faults and the victories, because that’s all that matters, learning and expanding our knowledge.

We still have time to refill the already emptied meter and make up for the times we have lost true knowledge and for the times we have strayed away from the things that will bring us near what we ever wanted.

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