Earth, The Princess  

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This is what our world has become, stuck in man's consistent tearing ways. No matter what she does, she will never escape man's misdeeds and evil. Not when it continues. Not when man is blinded. Not when they fail to see their faults.
...Whenever I think about this, it’s as if I was the Prince and she is my Princess. But the Prince failed to save his Princess...
Man is fully aware that he does things to hurt my Princess. Yet, he maintains, in unaltered conditions, to do these things. The cruelty is never ending. And when my Princess takes over and does things to remind man that he’s doing things to hurt her, the blame finger is pointed to my Princess. Again. The cruelty is never ending…
It all started with man’s inventions. No one saw the evil that these inventions would bring. No one saw the scythe that would soon wound my Princess. No one cared enough to stop these inventions.

The ozone layer gradually becomes thinner, ice caps on the polar regions melt, lightning strikes cause wildfires in the USA in a dry month, droughts continue to make it hard for the farmers, floods wreak diseases to the youngsters, typhoon destroys man's living, weather abnormalities keep on causing distress to everyone, and the heat gets worse than ever.
This may be my Princess' way of avenging for the injuries she suffered. And no one will ever surpass the wrath of my Princess.
But I guess the villains are gaining grounds. The burning of the fossil fuels like coal and crude oil continues to hurt not only my Princess, but also me. Even man. Factories and buildings expel domestic and toxic wastes. Vehicles and burning plastics, too, damage the air that man once enjoyed breathing. Technology has contributed to the scratch in my Princess' face and has since made man lazy doing work and lazy looking at the loopholes of his deeds and the damages it brings forth.
Is it too hard to notice? Are her cries not loud enough to be heard?
This is what our world, my Princess, has become─dirty rivers, blackened water, denuded forest, stripped mountains, and poisoned air. And so, man ─ the ones who should really be blamed─suffer her ache, the source of her fury.
Everything should be in full accordance to the plan to lessen, if not to stop, the use of anything that hurts my Princess.
   For  how long will my Princess wait for cleanups? For her air to be clean again? Her water? Her land? How many years will it take for my Princess to be saved?
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The article would be better if you had offered at least one suggestion to eradicate man's cruelty to mother earth.
3rd paragraph, 4th sentence, (that's) would be nicer if written as that is.LOL

January 11, 2011 at 2:37 AM

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